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About Luote

Center for Cognitive Psychotherapy Luote Ltd is owned by the Finnish Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (FACBT).

In Finland Luote is organizing annual international workshops, which are well known and have been recognized in neighboring countries. These workshops are held by international trainers of cognitive psychotherapy. These workshops are open to everyone interested in cognitive psychotherapy, also from abroad. We have had nearly 200 participants at its peak in these workshops. We also hold intensive training courses like ISST certification training  and mymind courses.

The mission for Luote is to provide high quality training courses for professionals and both support and promote development of cognitive psychotherapy and professionals applying it. Luote uses its gains to further develop training/professional development services for members of association as well as other mental health professionals and organizations.

In Finnish we have three kind of training systems. One is to co-operate with universities to provide psychotherapy courses for students to become licensed cognitive psychotherapists. These courses are delivered with university´s like Helsinki and Turku. We also have trainer and supervisor training in cognitive psychotherapy with universities. The second training system is about customized trainings for organizations. In these trainings we have different themes like basics for CBT, treatments for anxiety, treating chronic depression with CBASP and mindfulness in psychotherapy. The third training system is targeted for therapists and professionals for maintaining and strengthening their therapeutic skills and methods.

We support practicing cognitive psychotherapy also by providing reception facilities for therapists, we have centers for cognitive psychotherapy in Helsinki and Oulu. Also we publish psychotherapy books in Finnish.

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